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AI Solutions & Turn-Key Project For The Industry


Life right now requires people to be always connected and instant. The concept of AI technology has evolved rapidly over the past years and it does not show any signs of stopping. People get to work on more important matters because of this type of technology since they will not be worrying about the work they left behind. The work they left behind will be done by AI technology.

However, AI technology does experience fluctuations in their systems and these malfunctions should be addressed immediately to not create any more complications in systems.

Our company provides thorough AI and smart manufacturing solutions. We specialize in analyzing mechanical systems, examining raw data, and locating malfunctions in these AI systems. The features in our services that we can provide are the following:

  1. Diagnosis of a given situation

When analyzing a system, we fully diagnose it and find everything there is to find within that system. Moreover, we find the root cause/s of any existing problem/s within that system. We also create preventive measures to counter the malfunctions and errors caused by the problems within that system.


  1. Predictive maintenance for mechanical systems and equipment

Predictive maintenance is utilized for the majority of the operating time of any form of mechanical system. This kind of maintenance assesses and analyzes a system and finds patterns in which any potential error can occur. Our company utilizes this kind of maintenance so that the monitoring of any of our clients’ systems will be constant and our clients will not need to deal with last-minute countermeasures when their systems encounter malfunctions.


  1. Optimization of electromechanical systems and equipment

Optimization is crucial to the success of electromechanical systems and equipment. Optimizing systems aid in the prevention of potential errors in these electromechanical systems and equipment. In addition to this, optimizing a system maximizes system performance while keeping the system’s actual energy consumption.


  1. Predicting the behavior of the machines and consumers

This feature works hand-in-hand with the predictive maintenance feature that was mentioned earlier. Aside from the prediction of potential errors in a system, our company also provides services in which we can find and study the behavior of a mechanical machine system. Additionally, we can observe the behaviors of a client’s consumers and assess them. Our company can also find patterns in the behaviors conveyed by the mechanical machine systems and consumers.


  1. Maintaining a stable system

Our company can provide full maintenance in mechanical machine systems. This is done by automatically calibrating the system. Systems under calibration are done periodically.


  1. Finding abnormalities in system behavior

The observations in the system behaviors of a mechanical machine system may sometimes be classified as abnormal. In accordance with the fourth feature our company provides, we can find the abnormalities within the system behaviors observed in a mechanical machine system by analyzing the data gathered in regards to the behavior of a system.


  1. Providing predictive tools to analyze machine behavior

Our company also provides tools in which they are used to analyze machine behavior if a client wants to see for himself/herself the inner working of their machines. Moreover, this feature works together with the other features mentioned above.


  1. Providing automatic run-time decision-making tools

Besides the predictive tools used in the analysis of machine behavior, we also provide automatic run-time decision-making tools to improve the mechanical machine systems of our clients.


  1. Leak detection system for the O&G Industry

Our company also provides leak detection systems for businesses in the oil and gas industry. These leak detection systems are programmed into the pipelines of these businesses and regularly update the business the status of the pipelines.


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